Online Baby & Me Reflexology Course

Relief for 5 Common Baby Ailments

Learn simple, safe and effective foot reflexology online to calm and soothe your baby when you need it most! In under 5 minutes a day, discover a natural way to relieve your baby's top 5 issues including Teething Pain, Digestive Upset, Sleep & Relaxation Struggles, Cold & Virus Symptoms and Skin Issues.
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The Baby Snooze Button™ Mini-Course

Relax, calm & soothe your baby to sleep with 1 simple reflex

Learn to use the magic of foot reflexology to calm & "gear down" your baby's nervous system, so they can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!
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What Parents Are Saying!

How our courses are benefiting families...

"even this sleep deprived mama could follow along!"

Tijana McAllister, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

"As a mama to twins this course has been extremely valuable. The videos are easy to follow and Suzanne clearly lays out the steps both verbally and visually. Even this sleep deprived mama could follow along! Watching the step by step for the specific ailment I want to focus on is so great."

"2/2 longer night sleeps!"

Jordana Shani, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

"We’re already 2/2 longer sleeping periods since incorporating baby reflexology into our bedtime routine. It’s been really exciting for us!!! We will definitely be keeping up this routine and tell all new mamas about your magic." (Photo: @folkfotos)

"first real poop in 17 days!"

Allison Mennie, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

"Was curious how the reflexology would work with my little one's constipation, but she had her first real poop in 17 days the morning after!!! Hard to not see the connection, so big thank you!"

"calms him right down without fail!"

Zahra Sol, The Baby Snooze Button™ Mini-Course

"I had to tell you my son loves his foot massages! Calms him right down without fail when he’s going cray lol!"

"a natural solution to teething pain"

Katie Keating, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

"As soon as my daughter started teething I tried this technique, and it really helped to calm her. Thank you Suzanne for showing me a natural solution to teething has been so helpful!"

"easy to understand"

Kimberly Millsap, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

It was easy to understand, had useful information, and was fun!

"started to sleep better and is less fussy"

Gillian Salita de Leon, The Baby Snooze Button™ Mini-Course

"The videos were so helpful. My son is only 6 weeks old, so I've been starting to incorporate the sleep reflexology into our routine. He has started to sleep better and is less fussy."

"amazing course with great instruction & tutorials!"

Karena Crumpler, Baby & Me Reflexology Course

"Amazing course with great instruction and tutorials. Easy to implement into a busy Mom/Babe/Family schedule."

About the #footguru

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

Suzanne Chilton

Hi! I'm Suzanne - a mom, educator and Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). I am the #footguru behind Foot Guru Reflexology, a private practice which provides mobile in-home sessions for moms and babies in North & West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as well as special events and corporate wellness. ​I'm so excited to be able to share with you the ancient healing benefits of reflexology in an accessible and practical way via my online courses and workshops. My mission is to guide modern families all over the world to health and healing, one reflex at a time.